Saturday, October 24, 2009

Beam me up, Scottie.

I dont know where to start.
Ill just start from the beginning.

So, when I found out Scott Schuman was going to be in LA for a book signing hosted by Traffic and LA Magazine, I almost passed out. And although Im currently living in San Diego, LA is a lot closer then New York. ha. So you know me, had to make some calls, and then I was off on my two hour journey. I got there painfully early, I honestly imagined tents and sleeping bags but little to my surprise I was one of the few (3) people there that had imagined the same thing. But, I have to say it was beyond awesome, extravagant, and a breath of fresh air to know that there were people of similar interests around, outside of San Diego.

Then, I saw him, sitting down in his perfectly tailored suit with his reading glasses on comfortably positioned at a circular dimly lit table, as if I was going to get my prophecy read to me by the zen master of fashion. But, as reality set in I moved forward and got my book signed. Scott was really nice since I was to nervous to speak he asked me what I did and this and that. Being numero two in line, I got to hang out early and eat amazing miniature cupcakes after the fantasy settled. Bre was taking forever, coming from a class, so it gave me a chance to schmooze while I waited. Wow, I cant believe thats a word. I met my pal Zac Zupancic who was very well dressed the part. We hung around and as we waited for Bre, we took pictures with the various amazings among the crowd.

Although I was a little disappointed I didn't get to meet Garance, I would have to say this night was extremely successful. In 20 years, when I have kids, I know passing down my dusted personal copy of The Sartorialist to them will be an amazing part of my generation for us to share.


Photos C/O - Zach Zupancic


  1. for serious! it was such a blast of an evening; and how random was us meeting? the only two people from the San Diego area whom also happened to show up early. lets try to keep in touch!

    -for the whole batch of photos head to

    -Zach Zupancic

  2. i'm so jealous! i wanted to go to that book signing!

  3. ariel! you should have went it was awesome! Next time when Garance has a signing we'll go ;)