Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lost & Found Art Show

This is the video installation piece that Amanda Bard and I did for our final project. We had an exhibit where all the students could produce a piece of any medium to show at the end of the semester. Our piece was titled "you are free and that is why you are lost." We wanted to create a space where people walked in and experienced this sense of abandonment. The images are of us wondering through Elfin Forest, walking in an abandoned house, and images of an old abandoned house. We put gravel on the floor and a dead tree with no leaves. There was also audio with quotes to help guide the viewer. It was subjective, however the images and audio were there to guide the viewer into their own mind and how even though we have endless possibilties, at times this can be so overwhelming that we end up feeling lost.

Nicole Gonzaga's piece was amazing. She hung up dozens of ballons and hung them from the track lights on the ceiling. She projected home movie images on to them with the music of Claire de Lune and the result was really beautiful. It was great because after all our hard work and hours of setting up, we went crazy popping them all at the end of the night. A great stress reliever if you ask me.

This is Nancy DiBenedetto's work. She is a trained photographer for the US Navy so she gets to work with some amazing people and produce great images. Here is one she did for the exhibit examining the multiethnic cultures in America. Her work was really pleasing to view.

I didnt get a chance to take a picture of Julian Giron's piece. It was a watercolor painting with amazing colors and beautiful strokes. I really wish I had a picture to put on here but congrats to all the students it was a successful night. We will be producing a video documenting the night and I will be sure to put it up when we finish it.


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  1. I think your piece(You are Free...) was really amazing. I thought the whole time the Clair De Lune was playing with your piece, and while it wasn't I think the two exhibits from you and Nicole were paired together nicely. They flowed well together!