Friday, January 29, 2010

shoe love.

I fell in love again, these are spectacular and I've bean searching for a wedge that isn't a bootie (my normal appetite), but still has a lot of shoe to it. I love the Mary-Jane with an edge feel they have to them. Being a broke college student really sucks right about now especially for a girl that falls head over heels for a different pair of shoes almost weekly.

So your name is C'est Moi and your father is Jeffery Campbell. That's all I need to know, when are we getting married?

Oh and Jeffery (Meryl Streep voice) could you send me a pair of these too. My new mission is to accumulate a great pair of grey shoes for spring.

Bre Renne


  1. love the upper pair :)

    I'm a broke student myself and my shoe-collection is as miserable as it could be at the moment... hope to change that soon!

  2. yea im def. considering taking a job specifically to expense my shoe fetish.