Wednesday, January 13, 2010

your foolish, sucka.

Eagle vs Shark dir. Taika Waititi

If your a fan of
Flight, your a fan of this movie. If you dont know what Flight is, then forget it. This film is basically two really awkward people who develop a weird relationship with each other. However, the simpleness of the two individuals is what makes the film so pleasant to watch. I thought it was great, but then again im pretty awkward myself. XD

One thing I dont think is as debateable is the soundtrack composed by
The Phoenix Foundation a group out of New Zealand. I thought the OST was great no matter what you thought of the film.



  1. wow. you saw this too? haha i enjoyed it, but i will admit at first i thought it was a bite of napoleon dynamite, nonetheless, i enjoyed it. FIGHT MAN!

  2. Love Jermaine, so I had too! But yea, I saw the similarities as well!
    "Tell him, that justice is waiting for him.." haha great.

  3. yea gotta love the guy.

    "there's the car" haha