Monday, March 15, 2010

harmony korine.

Gummo dir. Harmony Korine
I cant really summarize what this film is about. narratively, Its not really about anything, but contextually its about so many things at the same time. You have to see it for yourself and make your own analysis because I think this is one of those films that everyone has a different reaction towards.

Although I have yet to see Mister Lonely and Julien Donkey-Boy I can already say that I am a fan of Korine. I love the way he just lets his characters be and the cinematography is excellent. Although the film is scripted, a large portion is what appears to be just the characters
being in their environment.

To me, this film appeared more documentarial (I dont know if thats a word but it fits.) because most of the subjects are not actors, and I really appreciate that. The moments when the characters look at the camera for that slight second and you understand, that they understand, they are being watched. I love that, I think thats simply phenomenal.

ps, is it bad I am starting to post during CHEM315 and zone out the vital information of biological macromolecules?
um clearly, I think not.



  1. From what you described it sounds like it would be similar to Kids.

  2. yes! but very different at the same time.