Wednesday, June 16, 2010


so i arrived in florence a few days ago and i am completely in awe at the beauty of the city. since i am attending an art course here, i have to walk to class and to specific sites so i get to see the amazing architecture and culture first hand. so far i have been to the the uffizi gallery as well as bargello national museum some of my favorite pieces being gentileschi's thus far.

as well as amazing art the clothing attire here is exquisite. it feels almost as if being chic is something passed down generationally and is just a part of everyday life. i will post more images later since i am too lazy to write a journal, i am keeping a photojournal and hopefully gain the confidence to ask to photograph some of the local residents.

ps, shouts out to my roomates jessica, jessi, tina, joyce and ann cynndrome.


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