Monday, September 14, 2009

I said burr.. its cold it here.

Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony found here.

Now it isnt, actually. Just yet anyways, a few clouds in the sky,
maybe. The one thing I semi, SEMI, take for granted is not having the cold weather. Being in California doesn't allow for proper layering techniques because well, lets face it, its about 75 degrees everyday of the year and you would just look like a fool wearing a jacket. But if i do say so, this jacket is beyond killer. I would wear this in the San Diego heat any day. I could see it now, the bold patterns and bright colors would distract passerby's from noticing that I'm actually breaking a sweat.

Also, please make a note Open Ceremony. I am a college student with minimum wage to my name so please, forever, make me a knock off.

One more thing, Chloë, if you allow this blazer to become accessible in anyway to me for this fall, I promise to finish watching Big Love and prepare for season 4. Thank you.


pc: opening ceremony

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