Friday, February 26, 2010

girl meets snow.

Im back from the east coast and I miss the snow. Every chance I got I was stepping in it, I like the crunch sound it makes under your shoes. It was so beautiful and I wish it snowed in California. Driving from D.C to Maryland and riding the train from D.C to New York was a delightful visual stimulation for me, miles of landscapes blanketed in snow. It was amazing to see the houses and the places where snow managed to find its way, hugging the tops of bushes and melting from the roof tops. Although I couldn't imagine constantly having to drive around mounds of snow piles in the streets and parking lots, it was like a maze. I really enjoyed being able to for a short time experience a real winter and Im proud of the fact that I wasn't being a weenie Californian shivering in my boots (literally).

Bre Renne

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