Sunday, February 21, 2010

that thing you do.

Last night I went to go see Shutter Island dir. Martin Scorsese. After long hours of contemplation wondering how I could do a post that wasn't similar to the billions of posts out there about Shutter Island, I realized I would just explain how this is another great Scorsese film that confirms why I want to be in filmmaking.

I think the film that really did it for me was Raging Bull. The first time I saw that film I think I fell in love with cinematography.

To me, Scorsese films are completely engaging. I mean I have seen a lot of films, many of which were awe dropping, amazing, etc. but every time I see a Scorsese film, I just become inspired.
Satisfied if you will. There is something about the detailed, craft of it. Like your watching Da Vinci paint a painting. I know I sound crazy but to me, living in a time where Scorsese is still producing work, where I am alive to witness it is simply amazing and I want to embrace it.

Okay, I had to add that although the content of his films can be at times,
objectionable, I still believe the films as an art are remarkable and although this post does not do his work justice, you get the idea.



  1. did you like the plot? filming was beautiful.

  2. the plot was.. very well detailed but, at the same time predictable. ahh so yes I liked the depth of it overall.. ;)