Wednesday, February 10, 2010

papa don't preach.

An Education dir. Lone Scherfig
"If people die the moment that they graduate, then surely it's the things we do beforehand that count."
Sometimes I am conflicted with the way society brings us up. Its always, plan for the future, and then keep planning. Never, live your life in that moment. Because, at some point or another, you might not be able to anymore. Carey Mulligan's character does a great job expressing the way a lot of students feel, as I can say from personal experience. This movie is truly amazing and is nominated for Best Picture as well as Best Actress. If you havent seen it I highly recommend you do.
Great song by Beth Rowley is featured in there as well.



  1. good film. true, society has shaped many of us into believing that without a solid, definite future ahead, one may not live up to their potential. however, i think this film does even better in revealing what defines a person is the ability, the courage, the heart, the down right balls to break away from the pressures of society (family, peers, media,etc. whatever haves you) and define him/herself and make decisions impartial to their upbringing. Many have been decieved into thinking that one must learn then live, but intuitively (and as we see in our history) we live to/then learn. Through Jenny, we see an individual who makes mistakes, but takes risks. She defies what society has told her to do and breaks away from the conventional, conservative lifestyle of the late 50's through to the developing "Swingin Sixties" (unconvential, liberal/radical). again, good film.

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  3. great analysis. i think its important people understand that, like you said, we learn from our experiences and that is what ultimately shapes our future not the standards expected of us. We see Jenny, like many youth, conflicted with determining if living up to ideals is better fitting than experiencing her own life first hand. Live life, thats the best way to experience it, trial and error.