Wednesday, February 10, 2010

so far away but so close.

[thrifted Armani t-shirt, levi's shorts, target tights and socks, H&M shoes]

I am aware that my pictures aren't great, but I take them myself using the timer on my not so professional camera. However, yesterday it was raining like I have never seen before in southern california and it threw me off guard. Then today we were back to normal, sunshine and all. I was supposed to leave in the morning to the east coast but because of the blizzards they're having my mom rescheduled the trip for next wednesday. I was looking forward to actually being in snow seeing as how snow is really a foreign substance to me. I can only recall maybe one time seeing snow and it was just sprinkling. So hopefully the grounds are still white when we fly into D.C. and venture all over the east from Maryland to NY.

Bre Renne