Saturday, July 24, 2010

blue doors.

i'm excited to say that i will be moving in the hopes of living in a place for more than a year. in the last four years i have moved 5 times so, my purpose in life is to find a home. insert apartment in that statement. so, as excited as i am i haven't found a place yet but, i am excited in the prospect of being able to decorate a place of my own and am constantly on the lookout for decor ideas.

how fitting that black orpheus directed by marcel camus came on. first of all this is a great film set in 1959 brasil and the cinematography by jean bourgoin was gorgeous.

to make a short story shorter, i love everything about the vibrant colors on wood as well as the very simple yet cluttered arrangement. i am a very messy person, and i am attracted to clutter, which is why i find these rooms appealing.

here are some stills just to get an idea of the brilliance of the small village.

and so with that, i'm sorry anthropologie, your too expensive for me but i see the inspiration. hopefully i can incorporate some of the character, i really love it.


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