Monday, July 19, 2010

turn off the lights.

okay, i hate to be just another blog talking about another big movie but anyone who knows me knows how i feel about dicaprio and knows i argue his oscar is long over due but anyways this isn't about that. oscars i mean. this is about inception directed by none other than christopher nolan. now, kill me for saying that i am not a huge fan of hollywood since about the last 20 years but every now and then i can appreciate a well conceived film.

without giving too much away this movie is, at it's heart, about lucid dreaming. i draw similarities between this film and the film waking life by richard linklater because they both deal with similar ideas about the subconscious in the dream state. the dimensions between reality and the dream world are so fascinating because when you think about it.. as richard linklater puts it "Are we sleep-walking through our waking state or wake-walking through our dreams?"

i think this was a brilliant movie. it seems as though nolan is bringing the psychological to the big screen and making people think rather than just being passive. i mean, going from a conceptual thriller like memento which cost around $9 mil to make, a low budget indie, to inception, a $160 mil major blockbuster, is a big deal. and nolan managed to take its concept to big hollywood.

now i bring up waking life again because it was a smaller budget film and not too many people i know have seen it yet, it deals with very similar issues. minus the espionage. so i wonder, what does it take to make people think about ideas such as these.. a few car chases, a beautiful lead actress, 100 million dollars. maybe, but i think making the majority of people excited about the concept of a film is a start to a beautiful beginning.


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