Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Time Equals Zero.

So my studies in Florence have ended and even though I have yet to post some of the 5,000 combined photos from Tina and I during the trip, I will be moving on to post about Paris until then. Why, you might ask. Well, because Paris is probably the most beautiful city I have ever seen and so far I am having an incredible time here. I basically would like to just say fuck it and stay here forever but believe it or not I would probably die from starvation because I wouldn't have a job to buy food or a place to live but hey, whatevs' suck it up right.

Anyways, last night Jessica and I went to a local parisian bar and got the chance to see an amazing band perform called The Grass Widows. While the acoustics in the room weren't very flattering to their vocals nonetheless it was really a good performance.

In the process of looking up the name of the band from last night, I came across another show we had just missed that performed right before called Collapsing Opposites. Listening to thier music, I wish we had arrived 20 minutes earlier.

Check it out.

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